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We will guide you every step, it’s easy, you have our word.


We come to you – Whether you prefer to meet at home, at work, or even a coffee shop, we travel to make it convenient for you.

Flexible schedule – Call us anytime.  We work day and night, weekends as well.  No additional fees.

Service oriented – We have a very kind and caring staff that care about you.  Relationships are important to us.  We want to get to know you and see how electronics can enhance your life.  Once we have built confidence in your understanding the task at hand, we go above and beyond to suggest new ways to develop your interests and connect with your world.

All electronic devices – Whether it is your Computer, I-Pad, Mobile Phone, Tablet, or even the remote on your TV, we can help you learn and enjoy it.  We have even helped many with advice on purchasing.

Work with any age with a particular focus on the needs of seniors

Reasonably priced – We beat the competition and will gladly match lower prices.

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