Senior Computer Support

We make learning enjoyable

Who We Are


The company was started by one individual, Ryan Legow, while he was still a computer science student.

“I saw there were many people unnecessarily struggling with their electronics, becoming increasingly frustrated and calling it quits.  So, I decided to teach people how to use electronics and help them realize they aren’t as scary as they seem.    One of the biggest populations with this problem are seniors.  Recognizing a great need, I worked to fill the void.  What I didn’t realize at the time, was how rewarding it would be.  That I would gain as much as they did.  My first client was a wonderful woman that I would get to know and look forward to visiting every week.  When she learned how to use Skype, and could visit with her kids and grandkids face to face, the excitement and joy was contagious.  Patience came easily as I got to know so many incredible people and experienced the immense appreciation they showed.  Teaching people and seeing them finally be able to enjoy and be competent with their electronics is incredibly rewarding for me.  The excitement when someone is able to achieve success on their own with electronics is electric.”